Johnny Depp's weirdness infects Nickleodeon

"The strangeness is off the scale in a kooky concoction that might have been hatched at the bottom of a bong," marvels Total Film of Rango, a CGI animation starring Johnny Depp. We probably could have inferred the first part from the second.

Rango's a lizard, in case you missed the boxart, and he's masquerading as an adept gunslinger in a world filled with "nightmarish" Old West critters.

"Younger children may be positively freaked out by a cartoon that pits its timorous beastie of a hero - a household pet stranded in the Mojave desert after he's cast out of his owner's motor - against a town full of grotesque varmints and reptilian reprobates," cautions reviewer Neil Smith.


There's "an environmental message lurking in the scrub-grass, the animal hamlet of Dirt having been cruelly starved of water by the conspicuous consumption of nearby Las Vegas." Expect Fear and Loathing references from the get-go, and surreality in general.

Three stars it is. Thanks, Total Film.

The verdict