Like Elektra, but 10 years younger

Hanna director Joe Wright is also the man who directed Atonement, notable for its lack of "hard-as-nails" action or "a pounding Chemical Brothers score". This man has strings to his bow. And so does Atonement's star Saoirse Ronan, who fills in as the eponymous lead.

Hanna is "a wholly original genre mash-up, anchored by the splendid Ronan" in which a teenage survivalist squares up to the combined ne'er-do-wellness of Cate Blanchett and Tom Hollander. Fortunately, the former's "tougher than a barrel of cookies".

Expect subterranean spy facilities, woodland punch-ups and a touching undercover episode in which Hanna gets to find out what it's like being an ordinary girl. "Wild at heart and weird on top." Four stars.

Excerpts care of James Mottram and Total Film.

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