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Don't like OTT game violence? Don't play OTT violent games - Bodycount dev

Codemasters' shooter is "dark" but not "gratuitous"

Bodycount's art director Max Cant reckons the best solution to the "problem" of exaggerated violence in games is not to play games that feature exaggerated violence. Who knew?

Asked whether there would always be controversy around the subject, he opined: "I don't know. I hope so, in a way!"

Nuanced art style aside, there are no shades of grey in Bodycount. "There's no moral ambiguity about the people you're killing," Cant observed. "They all deserve to die. These people are either military deathsquads and murderous pirates, or evil hell-bent machine cultists planning on taking over the world.

"If people are going to get upset over games like that they're probably better off not looking at them."

Bodycount's take is playful, he added, going over the top for slapstick effect. "In terms of the balance that we wanted to strike, we didn't want to make a game that was gratuitous.

"We didn't want to decapitate people or anything, because we're trying to make something that's more uplifting, and that was part of the palette choices as well. If you want to run up to a guy on a balcony and empty a Super 90 shotgun into his chest, back-flip him five metres, you can do that.

"It's a darker version of the A-Team without the gore of Rambo - we want people to laugh at stuff but not in a vindictive way. You see somebody running up a flight of stairs, you can slide mines down into the guy's feet - he'll get blown into the air, face-plant a wall, bounce back off and end up hanging totally dead over a balcony rail like a wet tea-towel."

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