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We don't need more COD and Battlefield wannabes - Bodycount dev

Military shooter fans like "fun and uplifting" oddities too

There are times when you could be forgiven for thinking that "first-person shooter" is just another term for "Call of Duty" or "Battlefield". When it comes to pointing hunks of metal-spewing technology at people, these two franchises dominate the conversation. That's great, reckons Bodycount art director Max Cant, but gamers are ready for something new.

"I think if you take the fun colours and arcade sensibilities and apply them to a genre that has followed a formula for a long time, I think people will definitely take that up," Cant told us during a whirlwind discussion of the Codemasters-published shooter, which we reviewed today. "If you look at mobile gaming, DLC titles and stuff, people aren't actually opposed to running around in nice, colourful worlds having fun shooting folk.

"As regards Call of Duty and Battlefield," he went on, "They're all great franchises with a great heritage, but at the moment you've got a Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots type thing where you've got two guys in the ring. That's working just now, you don't need a bunch of other people to get into the ring and do the same thing.

Cant described Bodycount as "an artist-crafted game", adding "it's not a series of photographs lazily glued onto cubes. It's been made with a lot of love. It's a colourful game, it's fun and uplifting." Violence is part and parcel of that upbeat style: this is a game where if "you see somebody running up a flight of stairs, you can slide mines down into the guy's feet - he'll get blown into the air, face-plant a wall, bounce back off and end up hanging totally dead over a balcony rail like a wet tea-towel."

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