F1 2011 review: 9/10 in the new OXM

Exclusive screens including safety car inside

We loved F1 2010, bestowed an 8/10 score upon its worthy shoulders and pronounced it the best depiction of the sport in years. In spite of this, it wasn't quite as scintillating as the company's ludicrously entertaining DiRT games. Not so any more, as this year's edition has scored one better.

The main reasons are improved physics and the new focus on turning the game into one of the most exciting multiplayer racing games around. To mark the occasion, we've got some exclusive screenshots, including the first proper screenshot of the newly-announced safety car. But you'll have to read the review to get the full story, which is currently confined to the print magazine.


To do exactly that, pick up the latest copy of OXM on shop shelves next week. Subscribers should start getting it over the weekend. You can buy a copy online with free delivery, or download it direct to your PC or tablet come Thursday.