Is I am Alive still alive?

Leaked video pops up: Still no official news

We haven't heard anything about Ubisoft's troubled survival game for quite a long time, which makes the leaked cut-scene below all the more interesting. Watch it quick, before it gets pulled.

Aside from last year's E3 trailer, we've heard barely anything about the game since it was first announced back in 2008.

Despite seeing a few hints that I am Alive hasn't yet kicked the bucket, we're beginning to wonder why we've seen so little of a game that's likely been in development for around half a decade...

Originally slated to be a bread-and-butter survival game revolving around the day to day necessities of food and water, the gritty nature of recently leaked bits appears to show something that looks a little bit more like Fallout. Would you be up for a wasteland adventure that doesn't feature mutants?

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Source: CVG