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Arcana Heart 3

Batty girls-only anime fighting

An anime fighting game with a cast made up entirely of wide-eyed, nubile females? Is it just us or is that a bit weird? Still, only a couple of them are being actively throttled by their own cleavage so it's probably fine.

In spite of the Ladies' Night door policy, the 23 fighters boast remarkable variety, with highlights including a girl floating around in a sentient bubble of water. That would be depth enough, but Arcana Heart 3 has a trick up its sleeve that vastly increases the complexity of the game.

Along with a character, you also choose an Arcana - a spirit that acts as a modifier for your character's attributes and furnishes you with a selection of unique special moves, making a noticeable difference.


Hardcore fight fans are going to love it, but Arcana Heart 3 makes no real concessions to more casual players. Most of the dialogue is untranslated Japanese and the storyline is quite, quite mad. Still, if you've had your fill of Street Fighter, this is certainly worth a punt.

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The verdict

Hearts and beatings make for quirky fun

Xbox 360
Arc System Works