Batman: Arkham City gets friendly Bane, taser shotgun, new screenshots

Batman and his chemically enhanced nemesis join forces

Batman: Arkham City will see players fighting alongside Batman's chemically enhanced, bone-snapping nemesis Bane, Rocksteady has revealed.

The musclebound gas-sucking berserker will join Bats as an AI-controlled ally for a single mission. You can see them, back to back, in the new screenshots we've added below. Evidently Bane's hostility to Bruce Wayne's spine has abated somewhat.

Rocksteady has also announced a new toy, a sort of shotgun taser. With it, you'll fry enemies through their body armour, sabotage turrets and even magnetise objects.


Fancy stomping around as Bane himself? Sorry, but playable villains are off the menu in Arkham City. Find out why in our interview with marketing manager Dax Ginn. The sole exception to the rule is anti-heroine's anti-heroine Catwoman, whose leather-clad charms left Jonty reeling.

[via VG247]