"Controllers are never going away" - Kinect boss

But "you can do any type of game with Kinect"

If you're terrified Kinect's success spells doom for homely button-based game design, un-terrify yourself this instant. Controllers are "central" to Xbox and always will be, according to European developer relations manager Ben Ward.

In a lengthy, thorough dissection of how best to prepare games for Kinect, Ward praised the peripheral's "infinite flexibility".

Kinect is not a "genre" but a "platform", he argued. "It is my firm belief that we can do any kind of game on Kinect. Some of those games we haven't seen before, I think could be massively of interest to any audience."

Ward asserted the importance of traditional controllers, however. "Controllers are never going to go away. They're a central part of Xbox, a much loved part of Xbox, so don't worry about that."

Kinect evangelist Kudo Tsunoda has suggested that it may take up to three years for Kinect to fulfill its potential at market, backing up Rare's claim that it has only used "10 to 15 per cent" of the device's capabilities.

Discussing Kinect and pad-based gameplay in Mass Effect 3, BioWare's Dr Ray Muzyka has said that "both experiences need to be awesome".

Look out for more from Ward on the best way to design Kinect games in a forthcoming feature.