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Darksiders 2

He kindly stopped for me

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The 5-10 minute battle that concludes the demo is a blast, some confusing character model overlap notwithstanding. The boss starts off as a limbless, tunnelling worm, but one too many Ghost Hooks to the face later he's swinging away with the flail, shattering huge chunks of screen furniture in his desperation to bring Death down. The inevitable duly comes to pass, control is removed, Death shrugs on his Reaper cowl and a blistering second or two later, the golem is minus a head. Mortality has seldom seemed so... punishing.

That we've managed to get this far without mentioning the delightfully overcooked aesthetic is a marvel. The artists have managed to carpet more or less every solid object with skulls, chains and spikes. It's a familiar approach to the Stygian decor, but as with Darksiders 2 in general, the implementation is so thorough you won't mind much. Death may have his peculiarities, but Vigil's latest is among this year's safest bets.

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