Epic "dying to be a part" of next generation of Kinect games

Gears of War firm praises "cool and amazing ideas"

Epic Games wants to play a significant role in the next wave of Kinect development, and regards Unreal Engine 3 as a platform for game types besides meaty action releases.

"The very first Kinect app - I shouldn't call it an app - the very first Kinect game, Kinect Adventures, was on Unreal Engine 3," vice-president Mark Rein commented to OXM at E3.

"So I think we have a little bit of history there. Obviously we've been a close partner for Microsoft for a long period of time. And Unreal is just a great technology for doing that sort of stuff."

Forthcoming Kinect projects that use Unreal Engine 3 include Kinect Star Wars, Fable: The Journey (emphatically not an on-rails shooter, remember) and Kinect Fun Labs, a suite of new camera tools that includes avatar creation and 3D drawing.

"Kinect Fun Labs is a great example," Rein went on. "Everybody goes: 'Woah, you can make a shooter with Unreal'. Clearly you can make something that's not a shooter with Unreal, there's the best example there. And you can hook it up with all kinds of cool technology of your own and do something impressive.

"So I'd love to say we're the gold standard and the default but people like to use all kinds of technology to make games.

"People love Kinect," he added. "I'm really happy to see this second generation of Kinect games show up, see that they're still going strong and that people have lots of cool and amazing ideas for them. So yeah, we're dying to be a part of that."