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Green Lantern: Rise of the Manhunters

Lighting the way for movie adaptations

Following in the footsteps of the surprisingly entertaining X-Men Origins: Wolverine, this movie spin-off is substantially better than you'd expect. Having said that: it's six hours long, it's far too easy, and the first third of the game seems to be set in a big green underground cave.

If you're not colour-blind or claustrophobic, though, then it's worth a look. Under its flawed hood, Double Helix has squeezed in a responsive and satisfying combat system.

Juggling, dodge-cancels, and different attack types are all available to play around with - with most enemies susceptible to specific attacks more than others. Nippy hoverboard-riding robots are impossible to grab with your whip-grab move, for example, whereas baddies carrying shields are best dealt with using large smashing attacks. Luckily, you're a man who's able to will giant hammers into existence at the drop of a hat.


You'll be fighting the same six enemies for most of the game, but there's just enough variety to keep things fresh. Almost all of the unlockable skills are a ton of fun to use, and you've also got Space Harrier style shooty bits and brief puzzle sections to mix things up.

As with the rest of the game, both turn out to be surprisingly inoffensive. Clearly rushed to coincide with the film release, Green Lantern comes irritatingly close to being a great game. Despite its faults, easy achievements and fun local co-op ensure it's still a good one.

The verdict

Unexpectedly good stuff, despite its flaws

Xbox 360
Warner Bros.
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