Third Black Ops DLC pack offers four more maps, zombie mode - rumour

Flier points to new Treyarch map drop

UPDATE: CVG has a clearer shot of a GameStop poster, showing all the same detail plus a date - 28th June.

ORIGINAL STORY: A shot of what appears to be a new Call of Duty: Black Ops map pack has surfaced, showing four new maps - "Hazard", "Drive In", "Silo" and "Hanger 18" - and a new zombie mode.

The photo was picked up by fansite Digital Warfare 24/7. Activision's last Black Ops map pack, Escalation, also offered four maps and a zombie mode.


There were celebrity cameos too, with Sarah Michelle Gellar and Danny Trejo showing up to hammer those B-movie overtones home. Assuming the snap is legit - and news of more Call of Duty DLC is unlikely to be the most surprising thing you read all year - who would you like to see on this instalment's cover?

[via X360a]