Bungie's melee fix coming this week

The latest shot to be fired in the Call Of Duty 4 vs Halo 3 war coming this week.

Bungie confirmed via its weekly update that the long-awaited melee fix is due this week.

With lots of Halo 3 players moaning that the melee is 'broken' and not like Halo 2, Bungie drafted in a bunch of MLG players to their studios to help them implement the right fixes. The problem was with lag, the melee battles would often favour one player over the other, which led to a lot of seemingly 'unfair' deaths.

With Call Of Duty 4 now clinging onto top spot in the Xbox Live activity leaderboards with its life, Halo 3 needs this melee fix to bring disenchanted players back onboard... but will it succeed?