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AC: Revelations info - assassin recruits to get "personal quests", more interaction

Ubisoft "trying to put more uniqueness" into Brotherhood system

Assassin's Creed: Revelations will offer more "unique" assassins to recruit, more ways to employ them and new "Assassin's Dens" in place of Brotherhood's Borgia Towers, according to creative director Alex Amancio.

Speaking to OXM's Jon Hicks about what Revelations would add to Brotherhood's titular team-building system, Amancio commented: "we're trying to put more uniqueness into everyone you recruit".

"It's not just like random people, there is an evolution," he said. "Each one might have a personal quest. We're also adding new gameplay elements, to hold you to the assassins. No longer will you only interact with the assassins by calling them to help you out of a danger spot. You will have other gameplay. There are two systems actually, one's very low level, something you'll interact with directly in the city. The other one will be more high level - it's sort of a mini trading game where you send them all on missions."

Assassins can now level up to Master status, and there will be "something else" you can do with them once they've achieved the honour. Intriguing.

The equally mysterious Assassin's Dens "consolidate a lot of the systems that already exist," explained Amancio.

"You know the Borgia Towers? You don't have that but you have something that's an evolution of that, you have something that's an evolution of city improvement, and all of that's consolidated in the Assassin's Dens."

As with Borgia Towers, Dens will be rationed out at one per district. Each will be "interconnected with the whole ambience of each district", reflecting the local aesthetic as well as how that district "reacts" to Ezio's presence. Some districts will be hostile, others neutral, suggesting that at some point Ezio may actually find himself working against the assassins. Care to speculate?

Here's some footage to help you along.

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