E3 2011: Catherine trailer is stuff of nightmares

It might not look it, but it is a game

If you're after the whiff of something a little stylish and unexpected, check out the emotional torment of commitment-phobic Vincent in this new trailer.

Catherine could be called the antidote to LA Noire. In terms of its cartoon approach, and the fact that it's about men being found dead all over the place. Not to mention the fact that it's a platformer. Basically it's not very much like LA Noire.

Vincent is hedging his bets with marriage hungry Katherine, but when a sexy alternative arrives in the form of Catherine, he starts dating them both. Yes, it is a very similar name.

The trailer doesn't show it, but most of the action takes place in Vincent's nightmares, which begin when he meets Catherine. Your performance affects the unfolding story in the waking world.

Oh, just watch the trailer.

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