Rare's Kinect skills have "increased tenfold"

Have got much better since Kinect Sports

Rare's Creative Director, George Andreas, has said that the firm's understanding of Kinect has "increased tenfold" in the last year.

"Together with Kudo's team, the guys at Rare have been using Kinect longer than anybody else," he said at a developer roundtable after Microsoft's E3 conference.

"So we've been at I guess the spear tip of development, so we've had time to get our heads around how it works. And this time around, I think where we were this time last year when we finished Kinect Sports to where we are today, the improvements we've made are actually tenfold in terms of our understanding of the technology."

"Things like voice commands you saw on the show floor, being able to call out to a caddy and choose your club using your voice.. adds a layer of immersion and believability to the product. It makes it a lot more approachable and ultimately a lot more fun as well."

Rare debuted Kinect Sports: Season Two this morning, a new game being co-developed with JoyRide creator BigPark.