E3 2011: Insomniac's first Xbox 360 game is Overstrike

EA releases screens of new four-player shooter

EA has announced Overstrike, Insomniac's long-awaited first multiplatform title.

A four-player co-op shooter featuring "imaginative weaponry" and "immersive and witty storytelling", Overstrike focuses on a team of elite agents called Overstrike 9. Said elite agents comprise a "lifelong thief", "gifted young scientist", ex-mercenary and celebrated detective.

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They use "lethal teamwork" and "an arsenal of fringe-tech gadgets" to best a global terrorism threat.

"Overstrike presents a unique blend of features that have long been a part of the Insomniac DNA: high powered gadgets, action-heavy gameplay, memorable characters in a deep and mysterious universe and of course a touch of humor," commented Ted Price, founder and CEO of Insomniac Games.


"And since this is our first multiplatform game, we're especially excited to introduce ourselves to a new audience - one which may not have experienced our previous games."

Here are some screens - trailer to follow soon. Chew, swallow, digest, ruminate.