E3 2011: Ryse Lets You Headbutt The Air

Roman Kinect-brawler features most violent flailing yet

The Ryse trailer began pretty highbrow - talk of the two Romes. The Rome of privilege, and the Rome of squalor. The two sides to power - order and injustice.

"A kingdom so divided cannot stand. An empire will fall. A hero will rise. This is Rome."

And then, the gameplay begins, and the thinky stuff ends. Ryse is a brutal, first person Kinect brawler which lets you lift a shield arm, strike with a sword, and deliver vicious headbutts to your opponent.

It's the first game in the conference that uses Kinect as a full-body controller, rather than an AR enhancement - and for that reason, we're equally curious and suspicious. Let's hope this works.