Xbox 360 L.A. Noire was an "obvious decision" - Team Bondi

Rockstar detective sim "up and running pretty quickly" on Microsoft console

With the fabulous-looking L.A. Noire days from release, Team Bondi founder Brendan McNamara has shed a little light on the game's long development, revealing that bringing it to Xbox 360 after signing Rockstar as publisher was a no-brainer.

"I think it was an obvious decision," McNamara commented in an interview with 1UP. "We'd always been - apart from Psygnosis which was for Sony - we always made multiplatform stuff.

"But essentially, for some 10 years at Sony, we were an internal shop. We knew the PlayStation 2 and PlayStation 3 stuff pretty well, and for us it was a change. But for Rockstar they'd done a lot of that."

Team Bondi's choice of lead development platform owed much to the widely reported difficulties of PS3 development, McNamara revealed.

"We found out that people were doing 360 and then trying to get stuff across to PS3 and were struggling with it. There seems to be less of a struggle to go the other way, I think.

"You hear things that you have to put a lot of effort into PS3 and get it up and running pretty quickly on the 360," he went on. "Then, like everyone else you have to scramble to get your frame rate up."

It's not all sunshine and roses for Xbox 360 advocates - the game will ship on three DVDs as opposed to the PS3's single Blu-ray disc, though Rockstar's promised disc-swapping will be "hassle-free".

L.A. Noire launches on 20th May - three days before my birthday, if you must know. No, that absolutely wasn't a hint for somebody to buy me a copy. Hope you're reading this, Jonty/Mike/Matt. I'd hate people to get the wrong idea.