Namco artwork details Soul Calibur breast regulations

Massive jubblies don't happen by accident

There are some who'd tell you that prominently featuring boobs in your game is the most brainless thing you can do. Far from it, boys and girls. Soul Calibur V producer Daishi Odashima has revealed that the size of his game's womanly assets are subject to strict regulation. Just look at this picture. We double dare you.

Sexism takes science, people.

As you can see, each lady fighter's proportions are carefully calculated and evaluated, from Seong Mina's relatively humble knobblies to Ivy's infamous planetoids.

There's only one thing they all have in common, and it's this: no sag. You can't have saggy melons in a game featuring demonically possessed swords. It wouldn't be realistic.

Soul Calibur V was announced last night, and launches in 2012. Offering "lighter, sharper and more elegant" combat, it's bound to be worth playing whatever your breast size.

[via Kotaku]