10 PC franchises we want on Xbox 360

FEATURE: Hand over the goods, boys

Over the past few years, it's become increasingly tough to think of many PC classics that haven't jumped across to the Xbox 360 yet. For franchises like Rainbow Six, Battlefield, and Call of Duty it's admittedly a bit of a no-brainer.

The success of Fallout 3 has opened up a whole world of potential. Watching as hardcore classics like X-COM and Deus Ex make the move across, it's beginning to feel like anything is possible.

With our fingers firmly crossed, then - here's the 10 PC franchises we want to make the jump across to Xbox 360. Come on now, don't be shy. You know it makes sense.

This is SHODAN. She's like GLaDOS, only without the funny side.

1. Planescape: Torment
The argument about how well PC RPGs transfer across to console is over well and truly over. If you're still not sure - check out Fallout: New Vegas or Dragon Age. Oh, and keep your eye on Skyrim while you're at it. With that tedium out of the way, let me introduce you to Planescape: Torment. Set in a hub world connected by a vast array of hidden portals, you took on the role of 'The Nameless One' - an immortal man who's lost his memory on account of dying one too many times. Throwing you into a ridiculously imaginative universe filled with weird and wonderful treats, Torment quickly taught you to listen well, and trust no-one: You might not remember your past actions, but that doesn't mean that other people won't.

2. Theme Hospital
Alright, so we're not entirely sure how well this would work on a 360 pad - but by god, we're willing to find a way to make this relationship work. Theme Park might be the most iconic game in the series, but anyone with their head screwed on knows that Theme Hospital was the daddy. Why no-one's ever made a sequel is anyone's guess, but frankly we'd be satisfied with an adapted HD version of the original popping up onto XBLA. Creating the perfect hospital reception area was probably one of the most satisfying moments of my early gaming life. What the hell is that all about, eh?

3. System Shock
Arguably we've seen this make a transition of sorts already; Bioshock clearly acting as a spiritual successor to the iconic sci-fi horror series. Still, whilst it's undeniably awesome to see Irrational leaping out of the ocean and into the sky, there's still a part of us that wants to see a return to the classic science-fiction groundings of System Shock. Estimates suggest that around 20% of gamers who encountered System Shock 2's psychic monkeys immediately ran to hide behind a large piece of furniture. Approximately 18% of these people haven't been seen since.

For best results, speak into a vocoder while playing Syndicate.

4. X-Wing vs. Tie Fighter
After clearly being one of the best things to happen in the 1990's, the brilliant X-Wing and Tie Fighter games slipped entirely off the radar after 1999, and hasn't really been seen since. This one's hardly a tough pitch, so we'll keep it fairly simple: Multiplayer dogfights. In space. With Star Wars ships. Multiplayer dogfights in space, with Star Wars ships. Not convinced? I find your lack of faith disturbing.

5. Diablo
We've got a funny feeling this dream-come might be on the cards sooner rather than later - but until we hear anything official it remains firmly on our office wish-list. Torchlight has deftly proved that the formula still works with the Xbox 360 pad, so it's really just a case of Blizzard being brave enough to step outside of their comfort zone for a change. It looks like they're already doing so- but if you're looking for someone to hold your hand Blizzy, we're right here.

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