In-game Hitman 5 images leaked

IO employee uploads possible screens

While fans feverishly try to solve the ongoing Hitman ARG, an IO employee has uploaded several images onto Twitter that are believed to be from the upcoming Hitman game.

Tore Blystad, a developer at IO Interactive, has uploaded several images from an unannounced game he's been working on onto his Twitter account.

While Blystad refuses to comment on what game the images originate from, he confirms they are in-game and the announcement has been "a loong time coming".


The images showcase in-game environments, a close up of a female character model and even a cheeky photo of level design details on a whiteboard. All very convincing representations of the Hitman IP.

Last week, Square Enix trademarked Hitman: Absolution, suggesting it to be the official title of the first Hitman game in five years.

The Hitman ARG has been hinting at an official announcement at this year's upcoming E3, which means we've got a while until Square Enix will reveal the truth. Unless we infiltrate IO. Does anyone have a janitor uniform?