Resi producer "loves challenge" of working with Western devs, impressed with results

Resident Evil universe is in good hands

Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City producer Masachika Kawata has said he relishes "the challenge of working with a Western developer", adding that Vancouver-based developer Slant Six Games has "completely changed" his perception of Western developers in general.

"I must say that I love the challenge of working with a western developer, Slant Six especially," Kawata told OXM during our exclusive first look at the game.

"Resident Evil is very unique to Capcom, we've got lots of people working on that particular franchise," he went on. "If we're going to start working with anybody outside of Capcom, Japanese developers as well, we run the risk of losing those particular elements.

"Therefore, the first thing we did was pass on the foundation of the Resident Evil history, and we made sure that Slant Six 'got' it - and I'm happy with the results."

Kawata admitted to certain preconceptions of the western work ethic, and said he was pleasantly surprised by his experiences at the house of SOCOM. "I've never worked with any Western developers besides Slant Six, and I don't know if the same is true of other Western developers, but they work very hard."

"I didn't find any differences to any of the Japanese developers I've worked with before. Besides the time zone and language, I've had no problems working with them at all.

"To be honest, I had my own impression about Western people - being laid back and sitting on sofas, but even yesterday they came in early, on a Sunday, and gave us all sorts of recommendations. They wanted to do it, rather than being dragged out of bed if you like. So they've completely changed my perception about working with Western developers."

Kawata said he was especially pleased with Slant Six's work on Operation Raccoon City's characters. "I'm happy with the concept design. At the moment with the character modelling, we need to lock down more details and features, but I'm confident they will look really good."

Operation Raccoon City was announced last week, and our preview can be found in issue 72 - on shelves tomorrow. According to Kawata, the new game will be a shooter first, horror game second.