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New Resident Evil is a shooter first, horror game second - Capcom

Suspense and scares to return in Resident Evil 6?

Capcom isn't "aiming for another horror game" with Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City, according to producer Masachika Kawata. The new title will take a "different direction", proffering "regular shooting game specs and features" under the Resident Evil brand.

"This time around we are setting the game in the Resident Evil world, but we aren't aiming for another horror game, but a shooting game," Kawata told OXM at a preview event.

"And we thought about the elements we'd need not only for Resident Evil fans but for fans of shooting games, to appeal to the shooter fans to play this particular game."

Co-op functionality was apparently an "obvious" inclusion. Capcom experimented at length with co-operative mechanics in Resident Evil 5, itself something of a departure from the franchise's survival horror roots.

"We will have all the regular shooting game specs and features in this game, but on top of that, we will wrap it up with the Resident Evil brand, the universe," Kawata went on. "This game should be a very, very unique one."

He felt the presence of a dynamic zombie mob, concentrating around bleeding characters or those who don't keep a low profile, would add a "different kind of tension in this game".

"If you're healthy and unlimited ammo's on your side, the zombies are easy to shoot at," Kawata explained. "However the more you get injured, the further you get into a tight corner, and the zombies can be very formidable enemies."

He suggested that old-style Resident Evil survival horror might return in the numbered series, leaving spin-offs like Operation Raccoon City to branch into other genres.

"The horror games can be pursued in the numbered titles. However, in a different universe in the Resident Evil world, there should be more challenge, there should be something else that I can do."

Confirmation that Resident Evil 6 will oscillate back towards suspense and shocks? We'd like to think so - we doubt Dead Space can hold the survival horror genre up all by itself.

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