Rumour: New multiplatform Burnout game revealed

Australian ratings board gives details

It could be an undiscovered April Fool's gag, but Australia's ratings board appears to have outed a new Burnout title, Burnout: Crash, for PS3 and Xbox 360.

The new game is rated PG for "mild violence", which sounds, if anything, suspiciously low-key. The post in question is dated 1st April.

There's corroborating evidence, though. Burnout Crash also features on an EA Software Engineer's CV, published on LinkedIn and dug up by Gamerbytes.

Developer Criterion has taken time out from the series since finishing work on the award-winning Burnout Paradise. The game saw more DLC than any other racer, which may be why Criterion begged players to "stop asking for more DLC" in January last year.

Do we have any diehard Paradisers in the house? How could Burnout be improved?

[Source: LinkedIn,, Classification Board of Australia, via Gamerbytes]