Ex Bizarre team aren't developing for Xbox 360

Priorities lie with "more agile platforms"

Hogrocket Games, the phoenix from the ashes of Bizarre Creations, has revealed that it will not be developing on Xbox 360 at present for financial reasons.

"Our first title will almost certainly be an iPhone/iPad game initially," Hogrocket's Ben Ward told OXM by email, "and then we're going to concentrate on PC and Mac.

"Making anything on Xbox 360 is out of our budget at the moment considering we're self-funded. We'd love to be there eventually, but for now our priorities lie in more agile platforms - building a solid base for ourselves is the main aim."

Activision closed down Bizarre in November 2010, after well-received arcade racer Blur failed to cut the mustard at retail. Hogrocket unveiled itself to the world earlier this week.