New Dead Island screens - dissected

Techland coughs up 10 new zombie-rific shots

If you're thinking of taking a tropical vacation soon, you might want to skim over the screens below. Those are some pretty loud and unsightly Hawaiian shirts, and we're not too thrilled by the twenty-foot-tall corpsebeast in asylum gear, either.

Actually, scratch that - we're totally thrilled. We're neck-deep in thrill. We've got thrill all over our trousers. Techland's Dead Island might be pretty flagrant in its pilfering of ideas from the Left 4 Dead series - it's a four-player FPS featuring normal and special zombies - but you can't fault the production values. Think Dead Rising 2 with a splash of the developer's own Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood, i.e. colourful.


So what can we learn from these shots, plus the handful that arrived earlier this month? Here are some fast and crude suppositions.

- There's a mix of interior and exterior environments. Dead Island features open world gameplay, as you can tell from the shot of the gangsta dude looking down over the bay, but that pic of a zombified policeman lurking in his office suggests that things will get cramped on occasion.

- Katanas confirmed. Next to the chainsaw, the katana is the singlemost indispensable melee instrument a zombie game can offer.

- Electrified machetes confirmed. OK, this one we're slightly more startled by. Presumably it relates to the weapon customisation system, of which we've only an inkling right now. Either that or the chap in surfer shorts is actually a Nordic deity. Hey mister - Skyrim is that way.

- Secret scientist shenanigans confirmed. You're not seriously going to tell us that giant zombie put on a strait jacket and Hannibal Lecter mask by himself, are you? The hand of man is at work here - somebody's creating, and outfitting, these creatures.

All the above should be classed rumour and speculation for the moment, of course. Do you have any theories of your own?