New Hitman game teased by IO

Online clues suggest E3 reveal?

A series of clues have been posted online suggesting the imminent reveal of a new Hitman game.

It's the first semi-official acknowledgement of the game's existence, following its confirmation by an embargo-unaware voice actor last October. Developer IO have said nothing, being more focused on their new franchise Kane and Lynch.

Now a series of images that refer to Agent 47's signature barcode have appeared online, and have been extensively documented at Hitmanforum - with contributions from IO's community manager. It began with a mysterious ad in a catalogue at the Sundance Film Festival, showing a box of doughnuts, a barcode ending in 47, and a none-too-subtle brand of "Hitman Series".


Enquiries to the advertiser resulted in a forum member being sent an image of some paperwork, another barcode, and the signature black gloves. After some speculation, this was followed by yet another image, with yet another barcode.

The barcodes all end in 47, and one of them is very close to Codename 47's own - but nobody has quite worked out what it all means. IO's community chap is fanning the flames but won't confirm anything; the current guess is that it points to an E3 reveal. The images are all below, and you can read the whole thing here, although as with all ARGs it's a bit of a slog to get through and we aren't entirely sure we've grasped it ourselves. Put the kettle on, we suggest.