How to get every Dragon Age 2 unlock

From magical belt-clips to downloadable princes

Our all-encompassing list of bonus content for BioWare's top-rated RPG. Prithee, read on.


Spacing out

Who's that plodding, thick-set knight with neon blue eyeslits? Why, it's Ser Isaac, a suspiciously familiar legendary warrior whose horrifying adventures are spoken of with awe in the taverns of Kirkwall. Buy Dead Space 2 new and you'll receive a code to unlock his armour.

Hayder's Razor

Not got ahold of the Dragon Age II demo yet? You should. Complete it to get your mitts on an ancient dwarven blade which buffs health and combat abilities.

Literary tendencies

This one's a done deal. Back in February, BioWare promised to unlock two tomes of Ferelden lore once demo downloads across all platforms passed the one million milestone.

Needless to say, the community rose to the challenge and the books in question - The Far Cliffs of Kirkwall and Lothering's Lament - are available in-game. So if you like rather morbid refugee poetry (plus bonus cash and EXP), you're in luck.


There's a certain school of thought which holds that Facebook games are cheap, shallow, kiddified exercises in procrastination. Actually, BioWare's obligatory social-network-facing spin-off Legends is reported to be rather good fun - a turn-based strategy RPG after the heart of any Warhammer player.

What's more, you'll unlock five secret items - among them a weighty engraved knuckleduster - in the main game by playing it. Check the requisite page for details.

Finders keepers

Another one already in the bag. "Hi ho, Facebook community!" quoth BioWare one fine winter's morning. "Furnish me with one million page impressions and I shall gladly bestow on you this lovely poetry collection, titled Things Not Lost." As it is written, so it was done.

Swiss Army staff

Remember the Staff of Parthalan, that flash halberd/staff/sword weapon Hawke gets busy with in the eye-melting Destiny trailer? Grabbing one of your own is easier than you may think - just sign up for a BioWare newsletter.

Belt up

If something's worth doing, it's worth doing twice. Sign up for the newsletter again by way of this Penny Arcade page to swipe the Belt of Hindsight, an artefact whose origins are tragic and humorous in equal measure.

Booty call

Register your copy of Dragon Age II on the BioWare Social Network to receive the Boots of the Frozen Waste, which are presumably a real hit at ski parties.

Ringing in the changes

There is a ring, and it whispers. Precisely what, we've yet to learn. We're not sure we want to, truth be told. Our dreams are haunted by accessories - garish, crimson-on-ebony styled mice and keyboards, bags and controllers, each with a truly horrific and/or cheesy name.

Dare you press your ear to the Ring of Whispers? Buy something from Epic Weapons or Razer then.


Owners of the Blood Armour from Dragon Age: Origins will have access to an upgraded set in the sequel. Just load up your old Origins save file when prompted.

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