First Crysis 2 review - 9/10 in the new OXM

Crytek's latest bags coveted score

The new issue of OXM has now reached subscribers, revealing the first review of Crysis 2.

Crytek's debut on Xbox 360 became our latest cover star (after the previous occupant dropped out at the last minute) after seriously impressing us at review, bagging a mighty 9/10 score.

It was the multiplayer that tipped the balance; with sixteen super-powered Nanosuits battling it out, it makes for "some of the most exciting, angry and satisfying action you'll ever have."

The singleplayer impressed by sheer spectacle: "as you progress, streets rupture, buildings tilt and fall," and ploughing throught it all in the game's super-powered Nanosuit "is both massively empowering and intelligently balanced by the need to manage its energy levels." You can get a sample by watching some new Crysis 2 gameplay footage recently posted online.

For the full review, pick up the new issue of OXM on-sale Thursday - you'll also get an exclusive first look at Prototype 2, our review of Dragon Age 2 and an exclusive rundown of the new Radiant story system in Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. You can buy a single issue online with free delivery.