Time to mix up the shoot 'em up?

Admittedly a few years late to the party, Zeit2 introduces time travel to the world of side-scrolling shooters in an attempt to add a fresh twist to an otherwise fairly meat-and-potato- based genre.

Whilst sadists with thumbs crafted from lightning can speed up the flow of time to net bonus points, the main focus is on going back in time in order to be in two places at once - effectively doubling your firepower.

There's an array of clever ways in which you can use your temporal doppelganger to perform special evasive and offensive tricks, but despite the creativity at play it all feels a little too overcomplicated to be immediately enjoyable. Most jarring of all is the inability to use your power to go back and change your mistakes - a textbook time-travel tradition. One of the first hurdles is training yourself not to instinctively hit the rewind button after being hit, as chances are you'll only end up taking damage again from the same bullet.


Get your head around the rather strange system and it's an interesting enough distraction - you certainly get longevity from the alternate modes and rather swanky challenge system. As an overall package, however, it's a tough one to recommend - the presentation style aims for the retro stars but fails to make it into orbit. The style, in terms of sci-fi influences, sadly seems to mainly pay homage to a Space Raiders multipack. Part-time schmuppers should spend their time elsewhere.

The verdict

Temporarily interesting

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