Bethesda hints at return of Dark Brotherhood in Skyrim

"It's a very popular quest line. We like it a lot."

As part of our extensive coverage of Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim in the new issue of OXM, we asked Bethesda about the return of the Dark Brotherhood introduced in Oblivion.

Given that many people cited the Dark Brotherhood assassination missions - which you were offered by being woken up in the night after killing an innocent civilian - as some of their favourites in Oblivion, we wanted to know if they'd be appearing in its much-advanced sequel.

"Yeah," said Elder Scrolls overlord Todd Howard, "It's a very popular quest line. We like it a lot."

And that's all he'd say. While this falls some way short of official confirmation, it does suggest that we can expect the Brotherhood to be wielding its sinister influence once more.

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