Boogie Bunnies

As noisy and colourful as a rainbow factory in Chernobyl

Girls play games. We're pretty sure of this because every now and then we receive an email from the opposite sex accusing us of forgetting about girl gamers or telling us we're sexist for making chauvanistic jokes or asking why we don't talk about them. This intro paragraph alone will guarantee a few more of them. Yup, we're pretty sure girls play games.

However, we're also pretty sure girls don't play games like this. Day-glo bunnies bouncing around to a carnival waltz soundtrack squeezed into a puzzle game framework so simple and constrictive that love handles would drape over the edges if it wasn't so damn skinny in the first place.

This is a cynical design by committee attempt to make a girls game and raid their pockets, or at least it feels that way. With bright colours that burn your eyes, sound effects that would make Mario make vomiting gestures and mind-numbingly simple gameplay, the only thing that would have made the stereotype complete would have been if the bunnies rode off on fluffy horses while puking rainbows out their arse.

So if girls don't play Boogie Bunnies, who the hell does? Good question. As the multicoloured bunnies scroll down the screen, you have to create combos of three bunnies or more to clear the screen, rack up points and scuttle onto the next level. And that's it.

That's fine as the basis for a puzzle game. The join-three-equals-combo template is well worn for a reason but this lacks that extra something to make it stand out. It doesn't have the depth of Tetris, the gimmicks of AstroPop, the speed of Zuma, the innovation of Puzzle Quest nor the options of Bejeweled 2. It feels a little flat and lifeless, without any meat on its colourful bones that flesh it out and make it a puzzle game you really want to get your teeth into. The 3D view also makes lining up some 'shots' needlessly hard and the whole exercise feels a little pointless.

Compared to the heavyweights on the scene like Puzzle Quest and Zuma, Boogie Bunnies is nothing more a crisp packet fluttering past in the breeze, temporarily catching your attention as it twists past your face with its trumpet blasts of cute noise and Haribo colour before it disappears forever, lost down the back of the Xbox Live Arcade sofa to hang out with Word Puzzle. There's a good game lurking somewhere underneath the candy coloured surface... it's just not worth spending 800 Microsoft Points trying to find it.

The verdict

Too simple, too sickening, too many alternatives

  • Cute graphics
  • Better than Word Puzzle
  • Far too simple
  • Gets very annoying very quickly
  • AstroPop, Zuma, Puzzle Quest and Bejeweled 2
Live Arcade
Vivendi Games