16 best Xbox Live freebies

Get something for nothing from your Xbox 360...

If you want more from your console but haven't got any spare Microsoft Points to hand, all is not lost. From applications to widen your Xbox 360's entertainment capabilities, to add-ons that make your favourite games even better, to entire games, it's not hard to find examples of Microsoft's generosity at work. You can get all of this for less than the price of a penny sweet.

01 - LAST FM (App)

Xbox Live Gold subscribers have free access to Last.fm: a radio show that is able to tailor its music specifically to your tastes. Just type in the artists or genres that you enjoy and listen to. Perfect for when you've got a group of friends over, or those times when you want to put down the pad and chill out to some tunes.

02 - THE GUILD (Show)

Buffy the Vampire Slayer actress Felicia Day created, wrote and starred in a brilliant comedy web series, which focuses on a guild of hapless gamers (The Knights of Good) trying to juggle their real and virtual lives playing an unnamed MMORPG. Xbox Live Marketplace is the home of episode premières.


Halo Waypoint is an essential download for anybody with even a remote interest in the Halo series. Not only does the hub gather all your game details and dish out rewards related to your skill, it's updated with news, information, tips and exclusive looks at the ever-expanding Halo-verse on a daily basis.


An oldie but a goodie, this. One of the best bits of downloadable content of all time is the criminally underlooked commentary track for Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena. It adds a massive four-and-a-half hours of developer commentary content to the Escape from Butcher Bay portion of the game, with loads of hints, tips and behind-the-scenes stories, making it good value for another play through.

05 - FACEBOOK (App)

The most popular social networking site is now a part of the Xbox 360 universe thanks to a downloadable app that can be found in your dashboard's My Community category. Those of you who can't bear to be away from Facebook for any significant length of time can easily check feeds and update statuses in between gaming sessions.



It may be a demo but this contains content not available in the final game. If you're after a new racing experience, we'd recommend getting hold of the trial and trying the challenges built exclusively for the demo.

One of Inside Xbox's best features is brought to you direct by your favourite magazine. The OXM Report is our weekly peek behind the curtain of the industry in video format, with a new episode on your dash every Monday.

8 - N+ LEVEL PACK #3 (DLC)

This has to be one of the most generous bits of free DLC ever. N+'s third level pack contains a whopping 150 single-player levels, 50 co-op levels and 50 race levels. They're nabbed from the original PC N game but have been upgraded for the Xbox 360. For nothing it's an absolute steal.


The free DLC Survival Pack made this great game even greater, bringing the Death Toll and Dead Air campaigns into Versus, and introducing the sensational Survival mode, with waves of zombies taking you out across 16 maps.

10 - PHOTO PARTY (App)

Download Photo Party from the general A-Z tab and you can have just what it promises: a photo party. Plug cameras and memory sticks with pictures on them into your Xbox 360's USB ports, invite friends into a Live Party and begin sharing your photos.

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