Blood Drive

The opposite of a bloody good time

A car crash in every sense of the term, this Z-list car combat game is about as inspiring as a school dinner. Not only is it a shameless rip off of the PS2 classic Twisted Metal: Black, to the point of copying even the menu style, it commits the ultimate gaming crime - it's hopelessly dull. We never thought this much fun could be sucked out of mashing zombies.

Blood Drive plonks you in an arena with a selection of opponents so indistinct and uncharismatic that they might as well be a shoplifting identity parade. Picking a favourite driver from this miserable selection is like trying to pick your favourite strain of the common cold. What follows is a churning, washing machine of tedium as you circle each other, puking bullets. This is bad enough on its own, but Blood Drive generously lobs frustration into the mix as well. The car handling is utterly appalling, making it unnecessarily difficult to draw a bead on enemies. There's also enormous input lag - you'll flick the stick left and almost half a second later the car lurches across like a boxer that's just eaten a knockout haymaker.

Other events include a checkpoint rally, in which the bargain basement car physics become even more hair-pullingly irritating, and a zombie massacring mode which removes what limited precision you had from the equation entirely, leaving you to drive around the dull arenas with your finger welded to the fire button. Prepare to yawn so hard you'll cramp your jaw.


And that's about it - there's no clever structure to get excited about, just a series of cups with an ending video for each miserably underdeveloped character once you clock the Championship - if you can stay awake that long. There's a Challenge mode, but it's exactly the same flavour of boredom dressed up in a different menu system. Multiplayer supports a measly four players, all of whom you'll have to persuade to buy the game personally because there's nobody online. Absolutely everything that has been burnt onto the DVD is in some way underwhelming.

Even at the budget price of 20 smackers, this just isn't worth wasting your time with. It's a bit alarming when you realise that sitting on Facebook, shovelling crisps in your mouth and scratching yourself proves to be time better spent than playing a game on your Xbox, but unfortunately Blood Drive really is that dismal.

The verdict

A total snooze cruise of a car combat game

  • Witty name
  • Dull events
  • Tedious characters
  • Uninspiring structure
Xbox 360
Sidhe Interactive
Racing / Driving, Action