More X-men Destiny details

Is the game considered canon? Where's Professor X?

Our X-men Destiny preview is now available to read in the latest issue of OXM, which will be on shelves on Thursday. In it we detail the opening section of the game and talk you through a few of the game's mechanics and story points.

Things have got pretty bad since Professor X died. San Francisco has become a battleground between the anti-mutant Purifiers and the mutants. The protagonist that we were shown - one of three characters you can choose from who are now cemented within the X-men canon - is a member of the Purifiers. Which makes for an interesting situation when he suddenly manifests powers at the start of the game.

You're able to select which sort of powers he manifests and, throughout the game, you'll be able to make other decisions. These are clearly signposted and a specific visual effect is used whenever a decision needs to be made. These can affect the characters who you will be interacting with, what side missions you perform do and who you can will be fighting alongside.

For more info on X-men Destiny, check out issue 69 of OXM. It's on shelves on Thursday the 13th of January. Subscribers should already have their copies, so if you fancy receiving issues early in the future, you should go ahead and subscribe.