Gears of War 'never was planned as a trilogy'

Cliff Bleszinski clarifies

In an interview with us, which will be up on tomorrow for you to read in its entirety, Gears of War developer Cliff Bleszinski confirmed that the series was never intended to be a trilogy, going against what a lot of people at Microsoft have told people.

Gears of War "never was planned as a trilogy. Somebody at Microsoft said that and that got attributed to me. I think if you're the kind of person who says 'here's this game and it's going to be the start of an epic trilogy', gamers are like f*** you, let's see how good your first game is. Bring it. You put them on the defensive.

"The key is to be humble and be like, who knows? Maybe. It'll be cool. We'll put each game out one at a time and see how it goes. It's like Final Fantasy. "This will be my final game and I'm done." And it blows up and they're on like, what, 13 now or something like that?"

This doesn't mean Bleszinski and Epic don't have grand plans, they're just taking it a step at a time. We may yet see Gears of War 4.

"What I like to do is think of it as a story bucket. We did the first Gears, asked a lot of questions. Gears 2, answered a few, asked a lot more. Hopefully in Gears 3, answer many many questions. When you look at it, hopefully it will sit together like its own little gaming Lord of the Rings."

Commendable ambitions. We love the idea of a massive world being explored in multiple different games. Unless he's trying to suggest that Gears can directly compete with Lord of the Rings' story. In which case we think he may be a little too ambitious.


The full interview with Cliff Bleszinski will be available on tomorrow.