Game Changers: Deus Ex: Human Revolution

We've seen things you people wouldn't believe...

Strange to say, but it's Human Revolution's dedication to an eleven-year-old game that'll make it groundbreaking. No other game has come close to playing the hand that Deus Ex once did, so the deep-set sci-fi world of Human Revolution with its multiple paths, openness to player experimentation and divergent combat options is a remarkable prospect.

This is a game that demands your attention. Sure, you could go in guns blazing to each and every situation - but you'll be missing out on countless layers of subtlety, fascinating verbal battles with NPCs and the ability to stab a villain through his heart from behind with your mecha-mitt and hide his body somewhere secret.

What will certainly be ground-breaking will be the world it takes place in. If potential becomes reality, the depth and texture of the year 2027 and its battles between the privileged augmented classes and the impoverished masses will be a future-scape to rival that of Blade Runner.


The gameplay recreates a revolution once pulled off in 2000 yet never repeated. The action is meaty and you can augment yourself to see through walls, break through them and snap the necks of guards loitering in harm's way. What could go wrong? Well, only that it's so tempting to hype this to the high hills and then be disappointed if it doesn't impress.

There's little doubt that the blueprint of Deus Ex is deep, fascinating and game-changing. So can they pull it off, or will our hopes be lost like tears in the rain? Time will tell.


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