'Stacking' is Double Fine's next game

One matryoshka against the world

Continuing its blossoming relationship with Tim Schafer's Double Fine, THQ has announced that it will be publishing the second of the studio's downloadable offerings; the rather awkwardly named Stacking.

Stacking, like Costume Quest, was born of the studio's Amnesia Fortnight. A two week period after the woefully misguided Brutal Legend lost Activision as a publisher during which small teams were given the opportunity to design and pitch smaller, downloadable game ideas.

Which explains the vast difference between gameplay and art styles. Stacking looks nothing like Costume Quest, but it does look gorgeous, as you can see in the reveal trailer below.

The game stars Charlie, a tiny Russian stacking doll (or matryoshka), in a 1930s setting who has the ability to jump inside and take control of the other matryoshka characters that inhabit the world. Doing so grants Charlie with different abilities, allowing him to proceed through puzzles.

Emphasis seems to be placed on giving the player multiple ways to complete each task in the game.

We can't wait to see more of this game before its Spring 2011 release. If it's as charming as Costume Quest, it'll definitely be worth a download.

[Via IGN]