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Fable III 'Understone Quest Pack' coming 23 Nov

Venture beneath Bowerstone for 400 MS points

Microsoft has announced that the first quest pack for Fable III will be released on XBLM November 23rd for 400 Microsoft Points.

If Fable III's variety of on-disc side missions aren't enough for you, this pack of three quests should keep you busy in Albion for just that little bit longer.

Titled "The Voice", "Shooting Range" and "The Wheel Of Misfortune", these quests will task you with exploring the town of Understone, revisiting Saker's band of Mercenaries and taking part in arena challenges with Reaver. As the title of the pack suggests, Understone is the main attraction here and venturing to the new town beneath Bowerstone will include a "a moral decision that will lead to two drastically different outcomes in Understone". Because everything in life is either black or white, right?

The other two quests seem to be little more than minigames, but will gift you with new, exclusive items. If you're skillful enough.

Also available on 23 November are two additional download packs. One contains three new hairstyles, for only 160 Microsoft Points, and the other upgrades your dog's chest locating, digging and diving abilities to full for 80 Microsoft Points.