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Lionhead to fix Fable III "technical issues"

Fable maker keeping an eye out for current issues

Fable III creator Lionhead says it's keeping a close eye on ongoing Fable 3 technical issues including corrupt save games and plans to fix them in a free future update.

"Our forums have been on fire since the last week; the posting of reviews, reactions and impressions, other folk are looking for hints and tips... and of course as with any videogame there are some people with technical issues," said the Guildford-based developer on its web site.

"Please be aware we are monitoring this on a daily basis and the test, development and community teams meet on a regular basis to try and repro issues that come up, so the development team can fix it for the next update we'll release.

"There is no ETA on this, seeing as the process of game development is a slow, long and lonely one, so please bear with us. I hope to be able to update you in the near future. If you do experience a corrupt save game and there is no work around, then all I can personally recommend you do is start a new game and apologize for any stress this might cause. We really do feel for you if this happens!"

Have you encountered any technical issues with Lionhead's splendid new RPG? Let us know in the comments field below - probably best to drop a word in Lionhead's shell-like now we think about it too. You may also want to check out our Fable III Review for further details.