Black Ops: Treyarch's Multiplayer Tips

The developers tell you how to dominate the opposition...

Treyarch has given us exclusive multiplayer tips on how to dominate at Call of Duty: Black Ops.

These have been taken from our in-depth Call of Duty: Black Ops multiplayer feature, in the next issue of OXM that goes on sale this Thursday.

There's plenty more juicy info, screenshots and exclusive information to be found there but in the meantime, we can share these nuggets of multiplayer wisdom from developers Treyarch, which are sure to give you an advantage come launch day next month...

* Racking up CoD Points: "Pick the contracts you know you can complete and do those. Then do them over and over again once their cool-down timer expires."

* Using new tricks: "We have interactivity on some maps. Radiation has these big doors, and you have to press a button to open them... so you shut those gates and there's only four places they can come from."

* Mock the weak: "What really humiliates people lately is when you take in a stun grenade with the tomahawk. Stun them to slow them down, then tomahawk them. That's a sure way of getting people fired up..."

* Licking loadouts - Defence "Take a jammer - that messes with people's radar. Offensive attackers live and die on the strengths of the red dots they see on their map; without them, they're blind."

* Licking loudouts - Offence: "The RPK - a Light Machine Gun - is brutal. It's not one people usually think about for offensive classes. They usually go with assault rifles. But they're missing out."

* Launch pad: "When it comes to Search and Destroy on the Launch map, here's a trick: Wait until the rocket takes off and then plant... The rocket's exhaust will stop the enemy team from getting down there, so you can buy yourself another 10 or 15 seconds. It's a major game-changer."