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Super Meat Boy

A meaty challenge

We may spend most of our time celebrating the technological feats that are possible on the Xbox 360, but that doesn't mean we're petulantly flicking the Vs at old-school game mechanics. As Super Meat Boy proves, an ostensibly simplistic platformer can weld you to the pad just as much as a blockbuster FPS.

Mark our words, Super Meat Boy will be the Trials HD of 2010; this is a fiendishly addictive game. Your mission is to guide slippery, slidey Meat Boy through a series of increasingly devious, hazard-infested levels, with the odd nightmarish boss fight in there to shake things up.


Death is a split-second inconvenience, meaning you end up in an endless loop of trying and retrying stages, inching ever closer to mastering the timing and leaving blood on every surface that you've touched.

While the graphics may look crude, the presentation is exceptional. Each level has a distinct visual style, and it's always clear what you're supposed to do.

The retro graphics are joined by a pitch-perfect chiptune soundtrack that is catchy without ever becoming annoying. There are also hilarious (and surprisingly dark) cutscenes in between chapters, which had us in gales of laughter. And while you'll no doubt try to charge through the levels as quickly as possible, there are unlockable characters and secret warp levels to earn as well.

As if that wasn't enough, every time you get an A+ Grade time on a level, a twisted, nightmarish version is unlocked, complete with its own leaderboard. This may well be the best tenner you ever spend.

The verdict

Meat, your new best friend

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