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OXM subscribers get custom covers

Including something special on issue 66

Subscribers are in for a particular treat when they get the next issue of OXM, which should be next Tuesday or thereabouts.

Starting with this issue, subscribers get an exclusive cover design (related to this month's exclusive cover feature, Gears of War 3) that isn't available on other copies. What's more, there's a bonus and rather interesting inclusion on the back cover.

We aren't allowed to say what it is yet, save that it involves Fable 3. And no, it doesn't involve Peter Molyneux. Not directly, anyway.

Subscribers should start getting their copies on Tuesday, ahead of the Thursday on-sale date. If you'd like to join their hallowed number, you can subscribe online. Although you won't be able to get the Fable treat - it's already been printed, see - you'll get customised covers with every future issue.