Best Kinect Games

Microsoft's new tech brings new games... but which titles are the pick of the bunch?

Kinect isn't too far away now, with its launch pencilled in for November 10th. We're already impressed with the hardware, but what are the best Kinect games?

Now is the perfect time to start thinking about the games that will emerge as key titles for Kinect, both at launch and in the future.

Here are five games that will have a huge say in how Kinect is seen by 360 owners and should arguably end up as the best games available for the platform...

Child Of Eden


The latest project from Tetsuya Mizuguchi, who specializes in music and games crossovers thanks to Rez, Space Channel 5 and Lumines. Child of Eden already looks like the trippy project to expect from him and he's kept the quality bar consistently high throughout his career. It won't be a multi-million pound seller but it'll have niche appeal and find a dedicated fanbase.

Dance Central


Arguably the standout game thus far, Harmonix made Guitar Hero style games popular by kicking off that series before moving to Rock Band and now looks like it's going to popularise the dancing genre. True, it's been done on the Wii but they've always been based on controller movement. This is based on actual body movement is made credible thanks to Harmonix's own solid history and the soundtrack. Will arguably be Kinect's first big hit. Check out our full review for more details.

Kinect Sports


Rare has had to shake off Wii Sports rip-off accusations ever since Kinect Adventures bounced into the public eye. The studio was just about succeeded and thanks to putting in appearances at trade shows and letting the public get its hands on the game, it's starting to win cynics over. We're not sure just how good it'll be but at worst, Microsoft has a solid, family-friendly title to add to its launch line-up. Check out our full review for more details.

Rise of Nightmares


Kinect's most adult title to date, this sees Sega venture into what is rare psychological horror territory for them. The potential for a horror title on Kinect, where you can feel really vulnerable, is mind-blowing... but will Rise of Nightmares reach that potential? Will the new technology allow for a level of immersion not seen before in survival horror? It's the potential that makes this really intriguing.

codename D


It's almost an obligatory purchase by law, given it comes from Suda51, responsible for No More Heroes and Killer7. The teaser trailer doesn't show off any gameplay but we get to see his trademark eccentric design in full. Yet not only will this be one of the standout titles thanks to Suda51's involvement but codename D is planned as an Xbox Live Arcade game, making it an affordable way for Kinect owners to dabble with what will surely be one of the more experimental titles. Win-win for Microsoft? Only if it lives up to Suda51's previous titles...

Dr Kawashima's Brain and Body Exercise


Dr Kawashima, famous for his DS games, makes the leap to home consoles. You'll be tasked to perform physical exertion while at the same time using your brain to solve simple maths and logic problems. It's all in the name of making you a better person, though. Check out our preview of the game for more details.

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