Dance! It's Your Stage

I bet that you look good on the dance mat

We're entering the post dance mat stage of human evolution. Soon - but not yet - our passion, soul and commitment to a career in dance will be judged by a set-top mechanical Simon Cowell head that will - should you demonstrate the required total dedication - teleport you to a dancing boot camp on the moon.

Taking advantage of the last Luddite weeks before Kinect, Dance! It's Your Stage uses an old-fashioned dance mat (not provided), and features 20 original songs.

Now, we know what you're thinking. Surely the whole point is to dance along to Steps, Cotton Eye Joe or some baffling J-Techno. But DIYS actually has a passable playlist - for fans of upbeat Eurovision pop. However, songs have only one difficulty setting, meaning the early (and best) ones will never be repeated.


Problem is that dance mat. You can play with a controller, but it's about as much fun as tuning a jelly radio. And if you haven't got a mat, you can buy Dancing Stage bundles - which are considerably less amateurish, have a wider range of songs and variable difficulty levels, for about the price of DIYS and a mat combined.

It's unfriendly to navigate, but the basic enjoyment from jumping around like a robot who wants to be a real boy is intact. It's just well buried and overpriced, considering what else is out there.

The verdict

Only consider if you've got a dance mat

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