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The Secrets of Alan Wake

Remedy spill the secrets...

Think you know everything there is to know about Alan Wake? You don't. Developers Remedy do though. And they're prepared to share some secrets...

  • The eye in the nightmare sequence at the very beginning of the game belongs to the game's writer Sam Lake. "We had a very extensive internal casting process for that part, and Sam won because he's so good at looking in different directions, a skill the rest of us haven't mastered," says Remedy's Mikki Rautalahti. "We gave the eye back when we were finished, because we're nice guys like that."
  • Combat in Alan Wake is all about managing the enemy's movements, says Mikki. "You can hold back even a great horde of the Taken by flicking the flashlight beam back and forth from enemy to enemy. They're faster than you are, but you can just glance back, quickly boost the light at their face to stop them on their tracks, and keep moving."
  • "When we were designing the stage fight sequence, we didn't have the final song yet, so we used Manowar's "King of Kings" as a placeholder. It felt mightily appropriate. And speaking of the stage, if you head out across the field in the opposite direction from it, skeletons will pop up out of graves and attack you. Ain't nobody resting in peace with the Dark Presence around..."
  • One of the Taken has the face of a contest winner. "We thought it'd be cool to have him show up a lot - but that was before the Taken were almost completely covered in shadows, so it's very hard to see him. So we also slapped him on a missing persons poster at the sheriff's station. The faces in the other posters are from our development staff - except the cat. The cat doesn't work with us. His name is Slinky."
  • "Originally, Barry's Christmas lights were also going to play a tinny version of "Jingle Bells," but we realized it was just too annoying. Even by Barry's standards."
  • There are several links between the game and The Alan Wake Files book that comes with the limited edition version. "The most obvious is Clay Steward, who appears briefly during the dream sequence at the beginning; he's the guy who compiles the book. Another nice link is Nightingale's motel room: the papers sticking out of an air vent are Nightingale's notes that Steward eventually finds and publishes in The Alan Wake Files."
  • "At the Cauldron Lake Lodge, there's an obviously disturbed game designer named Emerson. In his room, you can find a Night Springs video game, as well as a poster for Death Rally. He also has a lot to say about the industry... and quite a bit of it is based on actual events."
  • "In the Signal, Barry refers to the bit with the cars as "a demolition derby, a death rally." Death Rally was, of course, Remedy's first game."