Drink companies blame obesity on gaming

Proposed fee against sugary drinks prompts bizarre claim by companies that make them.

The American Beverage Association has blamed videogames for increasing obesity, in response to a radical plan proposed to combat the problem in the United States.

The outburst came about when Gavin Newsom, the major of San Francisco, proposed charging stores a big fee whenever they sell sugary drinks. The money raised by this fee would then go towards funding anti-obesity programs.

An admirable idea, if slightly flawed, but the American Beverage Association felt threatened enough by it to try shifting the blame to a whole new target.

Kevin Keane, senior vice president of the ABA, said "It makes no sense to single out any one single cause of obesity, which is a complex problem." He then says that Newsom should take on computer and video game companies, which keep children inside when they should "be outside burning calories."

Who is right? Who is wrong? Do you think that videogames are causing obesity in children or that sugary drinks are to blame? Or, shock horror, could a combination of the two be at fault? Let us know what you think.