Frontier: no Milo & Kate tech in Kinectimals

"Has been in development since before we saw Milo"

Frontier Developments has clarified that its upcoming Kinect release, Kinectimals, does not share any technology with Lionhead's own title Milo & Kate.

The misunderstanding stemmed from a quote we ran from an interview with VP of Microsoft Game Studios, Phil Spencer, in which he said that ideas from Lionhead's child sim went into Kinectimals. Not so, says Frontier's Chairman, David Braben.

"I'd like to address some stories that are currently circulating, that Kinectimals from Frontier is somehow related to Milo and Kate from Lionhead," he told us in an email.

One of the cuddly Kinectimals toys.

"Kinectimals has been in development since before we saw Milo. It is built using Frontier's own technology shared with other Frontier games in development, and ideas evolved from earlier games like "Dog's Life". There has not been any involvement in the technology or design by Lionhead. Milo and Kate is a completely separate (and intriguing) development from Lionhead."

So there you have it. It's been a bit of a rollercoaster week for Milo & Kate, after an interview with platform boss Aaron Greenberg suggested the game wasn't even coming out, but it's since been confirmed it will arrive at some point - just not alongside the other Kinect titles this Christmas.